Book Cover Design

I’m launching an ebook cover design service as new sideline. That means you get awesome graphics for your cover at affordable prices. 

Affordable Prices for Book Cover Design

For the quality of work you get, my base rates are not expensive. If you pay for two or three covers at the same time (to be delivered together) my rates get even cheaper.

Don’t let the cover of your book look like a the work of a lazy grade seven student for art class and don’t over rate your own design skills. Good covers sell books, even in low-rent genres.

Prices below are for ebooks only. Contact me for details of print covers.

Single Title

Two Titles

Three Titles

Ask me about book cover design.

Book multiple projects and save.

How it Works

It’s simple. You contact me, describe what you want, and I design it for you using text and stock images licensed from agencies like iStockPhoto.

Pay my fee via PayPal or Stripe and I begin working. This is an iterative process. You can request all the revisions you want, within reason. The fees listed are for creative work only. Stock images may cost extra (usually between $5 to 15 each). 

I do not create animated covers. I can enhance stock images and make composites, but (except for text) I cannot create artwork from scratch. 

If there are specific images you’d like to use, you can send them. In this case, you must have all the necessary rights. I recommend that you let me choose the images.

The covers on this page are examples of my recent work. Right now I’m building my portfolio so it’s a great time to take advantage of my incredibly affordable prices before they go up!

People sometimes ask about steamy romance covers. I will create tasteful artwork for “erotic” fiction (I reserve the right to reject certain themes). 

Example of a non-fiction cover

Things to Consider

The prices quoted on this page are for design services only and do not include the cost of stock images. Stock images range from zero cost to (potentially) hundreds of dollars. The difference relates to the package of rights you need and the agency from which the image is licensed. 

Simpler covers based on few images (or even one) are often more effective at selling books than complicated covers and you do not need to pay for lots of stock images to develop an amazing cover.  The designs on this page range from one to four licensed images. 

Please contact me to find out more.