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My mission is to make it easy and affordable for non-technical people to establish their own unique place on the web.  Contact me for a FREE consultation.




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Not sure if I’m your guy? You can start the process without spending a dime. Just fill out contact form for web design and provide a few details about the website you’d like me to build. I’ll get back to you and we’ll have a brief online conversation to see if I can help you.  Check out our Fee Structure below to see if my services are in the range of your budget.

What I'll do for you

I am a full-service website designer and host who will turn your ideas into an elegant, streamlined and deeply functional website. Here’s what that means.

Even if you know you can design a good website, do you really want to waste valuable time that should be invested in building your business? Time is your most valuable resource and you can save a lot of it by hiring me to handle your web design and hosting

What will a custom website cost?

My rate for the kind of website I design starts at $550 (up to five pages including home page). This is not expensive for a well-designed custom website and the fact that you don’t have to commit all the money up front is a big plus.

I have a modular fee structure that lets you pay in smaller increments as we work.  Find out more about the increments in the FAQ below. And remember, it’s free to get started with an initial consultation. 

Hosting costs $95 a month if you want me to maintain your site after it’s built. I’ll do all the technical work to make sure everything is always running as it should be and, if you provide me with content, I’ll post it for you in a way that looks snazzy, is well linked and properly integrated with your other content. 

Best of all, you don’t pay hosting fees until your site is fully operational!

Web Design Fee Structure

Prices are listed in US dollars for international clients. Japan based clients can pay in Japanese yen directly via Stripe. These prices may be subject to change as currencies fluctuate.

  • Free Consultation $0

    Using email or FB messenger, we chat about your goals.

  • Detailed Consultation $50

    We start to work out what kind of design and navigation structure works best for your site.

  • Design Phase 1 $100

    Development of basic site design (without text content) and navigation menu structure.

  • Design Phase 2 $200

    Integration of headings, text, intra-site links, anchor menus, images, etc.

  • Design Phase 3 (final) $200

    Finalization of design, registration of domain, email accounts, plugins, SEO, debugging.

  • Copywriting $0.25/wd

    Development of highly effective text to help convert readers into customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

My web design service is for freelancers, artists, authors, professionals and owners/operators of small businesses who need a well-designed and highly functional website, but either lack design/technical experience.

Even if you’re confident you can design, create and debug a website, you’re better to invest your time doing what you do best. If you belong in one or more of these categories, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving me a call.

Hosting is the act of placing content on a computer and making it accessible to web browsers.

You can pay a company like Siteground (which I use) to host your content for less, but they won’t do anything besides make their server available for you to use. That is, they won’t design your pages, organize the navigation structure or post content. They wont even install the site builder or the necessary plugins that let you design your site on your own. They also won’t customize a theme, establish security protocols, set encryption parameters or modify the CSS of third party integrations,  let alone debug your site once it’s up and running. 

If you don’t know how to accomplish everything I talked about in the former paragraph with ease, you’re better to pay me to do it all for you.  Click here to find out more. 

These systems are much easier to work with than WordPress if you’re a beginner, but they’re limited in what they let you design, the sites you build are not portable if you want to change to a different hosting service and – worst of all – they take a lot longer to load that a comparable site built on WordPress. This will frustrate your customers, degrade your rankings in search engines, and may cost you business.

Also, there’s still a learning curve if you’re a relative newbie and the time you spend building your site is probably better invested in running other aspects of your business.

If you like the website you’re on right now and find my photography and cover designs appealing, you know you’re in good artistic hands. I also have the technical experience to get the job done efficiently.

My rates are reasonable, I won’t try to upsell you on a whole bunch of integrations and services you don’t need and you never have to agree to a long-term contract. You can stop the service at any time and if you want to transfer your site to another service provider, I’ll help you do it (there may be some modest fees involved).

No problem, just send me the contact info for the service you want to use and I’ll work with them migrate the site and it’s content. There may be a migration fee and this fee might vary. Check current pricing.

The other way to exit my service is to simply halt the subscription. I’ll simply un-publish your site and terminate your email accounts. It is strongly recommended that you migrate your data prior to termination.

Very simple. I’ll help migrate the WordPress site as is to the other designer’s server. Remember, WordPress sites are designed to be portable, so this should be relatively easy. I don’t claim copyright on your site, so the work I’ve done up to the point of transfer is your to keep or change as you decide.

If desired, I will complete the phase for which you’ve already paid me. You can read about the design process here.

If you give me all your content up front (and pay up front), I can usually have it done in two weeks. Debugging will take longer. The process from your first consultation to having a functional website usually takes about a month, if the site is not too involved.

Questions About the Design Process

Basically, we chat over email or FB Messenger and establish a basic working relationship. I ask about your goals and explain how I can help you reach them. If it looks like I can help you, we’ll move to the next phase, which is the more detailed paid initial consultation for $50. Contact me for a free consultation today. 

It’s like the free consultation, but more detailed. We chat over FaceTime or Zoom if you like. We’ll talk about design ideas like images, colors and the general messaging of the site. We’ll also discuss what integrations you need (simple is usually better) and what your best content strategy is.

This only costs $50, so it’s not a huge investment at this point. If you want to proceed, you pay the next $100 and I’ll get to work.

Basically, I’ll put together the skeleton of your website. That is to say, I’ll create all the pages, give them the look and feel we decided on and ensure that the basic navigation structure is in place. Once you approve my work, things really get going..

This is where I integrate the text you give me. I’ll use headings you give me, but may also break up what you’ve written into smaller chunks to keep the search engines and site users happy. I’ll establish internal links and just generally make the site useable and workable in an intuitive way. When this step is complete, the website is almost fully functional.

The final step is integration of all the third party software (plugins) and debugging. I’ll register your actual domain name, set up your email accounts and integrate them with the plugins, then, once everything has been proven to work as flawlessly as possible (no site is ever perfect), we go live.

Full Service Website Hosting

I'll do all the work so you can focus on what you do best!
$ 95 Monthly
  • Multiple monthly content updates included
  • Email addresses using your own domain name
  • Zero tech knowledge required.