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When I design your website, you have the option of paying me to maintain that site for you on a month to month basis. This means you get to focus on what earns revenue and let me handle all the menial tasks associated with uploading new content like blog posts, modifying pages when required and making sure the site functions well. Trust me, this is worth the price.

Read the FAQ about my web hosting service below. 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is simply the service of providing a computer on which all the digital files associated with a website can be stored. These files can include text, images, videos, graphics, animations, computer code and more.

Two types of hosting

There are different grades of web hosting. The simplest involve merely providing a back-end system on which a web designer like me can install a WordPress account and other programs used for creating websites. This is considered “basic” hosting.

Alternatively, a web designer can offer to maintain clients’ websites on a monthly basis. The web designer will handle all the mildly technical work involved in making sure everything is working and updating the website from time to time. This is called “full service” hosting and I do this for clients who request it

I don’t maintain a massive industrial server array like you see in this photo. I pay Siteground a flat monthly fee to use theirs. I can create as many websites as I want and register as many domains. I do this all the time, so I know how to do it quickly and efficiently.

Who needs web hosting?

When a business owner, artist, professional or other individual decides to set up a website, she has two choices; she can design and implement it herself, or she can hire someone else to design and host the site. If she’s a whizz at WordPress, knows how to install and configure third-party plug-ins, has decent photoshop skills and understand at least the basics of SEO as it relates to site design, maybe, if she’s not to busy, it might be worth her while to do it all herself.

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But if she gets busy, which of course she hopes to, she’ll want to spend her time serving her clients, not wrestling with html code and troubleshooting software integrations. When your designing and operating your website takes up too  much of your time and energy, the tail is wagging the dog.

You need to priorize

What happens is that business owners (wisely) end up focusing on keeping their customers happy, their staff paid and all their daily obligations met. Unfortunately, this means that the website isn’t properly maintained because the business owner doesn’t have time to do it at all, let alone do it right. This in turn can lead to a very poor user experience. 

User experience is king

How often to you go to a company’s website to find that content is out of date, pages take a long time to load or turn up 404 errors and you find it hard to locate what you need. Pages like this are made and maintained by DIY people who mean well, but who lack the design sensibilities, technical skills and time to do it right. 

And you need to do it right. Your website is the way many of your customers will get to know you and you need the user experience to be reflective of the quality you provide.That means not only good design, but also proper maintenance to make sure that everything keeps working as it should.

Turnkey web solutions

Please note that I only host websites that I or someone on my team has personally designed. You can transfer an existing WordPress site, but there will be a minimum design fee of at least $550. This is because I cannot afford to take responsibility for the design flaws built in to an existing site, and there are often many.

If you have a site on Weebly, Wix or another platform, I can translate the content into a WordPress theme (this is considered a redesign, which costs the same as an original design).  Your site will almost certainly load faster and you will experience other significant performance upgrades. 

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Website Hosting Service FAQ

If you engage me to design a WordPress website for you, consider yourself signed up for one free month! The free month starts the day your website goes live. 

If you want to continue with the service, simply subscribe to the service (payment is due in advance for each month). You can do this by opting in to our online payment system.

You’re paying me to keep all of the associated files on my server (rented from Siteground), post revisions and additions and maintain all the general integrity of the site.

For example, suppose you want to create unique email addresses on your domain for each member of your team. You just give me the addresses and passwords and I’ll create as many as you like (within reason – remember I deal with small enterprises, not IBM). I’ll give you the settings and you configure your email software to synch to that account (or access via webmail). If one of your employees forgets a password, or requests a change I’ll reset it for him.

And that’s just email. Suppose you want to add a new blog post about a company event, complete pictures. You just write the article and drop the text file in the Dropbox folder I set up along with the photos and I’ll post it, making sure it’s broken up into short sections separated by headings (the way search engines like to see them). Want some extra images? I can take some from Unsplash, Canva or possibly some other agency (there may be a cost for certain licensed images).

Or, suppose you decide to have a sale and you want your landing page changed to reflect the limited time deal? Just give me the details and I’ll get it done as promptly as I can.

Or maybe you want to change the form visitors fill out when the click the “Learn More” button on one of your product pages to collect address info. Just let me know and I’ll add the address fields.

The point here is that you don’t have to do any of this yourself or invest your valuable time debugging or troubleshooting.

You get four major revisions per month in addition to regular maintenance. Most clients find this satisfactory. 

I do not place a limit on the number of minor revisions, but remember, I am not your full-time employee.

Major revisions include adding blog posts and making significant modifications to existing pages. Minor revisions include small changes to pages (example, occasional product price changes, alterations to popups or forms, etc). Regular maintenance includes creating email accounts and troubleshooting problems that pop up.

No. If you only make three major revisions this month you can’t make five for free next month. Major revisions beyond your quota cost $25 each.

No. When I design a site, I make sure it looks good, is intuitive to navigate and that it loads fast. I take the time to debug it too. Not all designers are scrupulous about this.

If you want to migrate a site to my hosting service I maybe able to take you on, but expect a complete redesign
at full cost.

Yes. You can point multiple domains to your site if you want via forwarding. Just remember that if you have an existing site that you want to bring, you have to pay me for a redesign.

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You need to set up another hosting account or pay another full service webmaster to do it for you. You are strongly advised to plan this well in advance because there can be a number of difficult steps involved.

If you cancel your service with me and do not migrate your site, your website will go offline, as will all your email. All data will be deleted 60 days after expiry. If you chose to migrate, there is a $50 fee.